Pencak Silat

Pencak silat is traditional Indonesian martial arts, which are scattered across the country and even to Malaysia. Pencak silat is assessed from a punch, kick, sweep, and dings. The target that must be addressed is the patron in the body of every fighter who competed. Pencak silat is displayed first time in Asian Games.

Pencak Silat is a non-aggressive martial arts from the of the Indonesian/Malay islands.

Today there are hundreds of different forms of Pencak Silat. Silat employs natural body movements and develops balance and economy of movement in each individual.

It can be practised purely for sport and fitness, for the aesthetic beauty of the art or for the chance to learn one of the world's few remaining complete traditional martial arts systems.

Silat enhances and strengthens self-awareness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, loyalty and cooperation amongst its practitioners.

Pencak Silat was incorporated into the Asian Beach Games in 2008 and the Asian Indoor Games in 2009.

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