Basketball is a ball sport Basketball is a group ball sport consisting of two teams consisting of five people each matching each other scoring points by inserting the ball into the opponent's basket. Basketball is perfect for watching as it is commonly played in closed sports spaces and requires only a relatively small field. In addition, basketball games are also more competitive because the tempo of the game tends to be faster when compared to other ball sports, such as volleyball and soccer. There are 3 main positions in playing basketball, namely: 1) Forward, the player whose main task is to score points by inserting the ball into the opponent's basket, 2) Defense, the player whose main task is to keep the opposing player so that the opposing player has trouble inserting the ball, and 3) Playmaker, a player who became the key figure of the game by managing the flow of the ball and the strategy played by his teammates.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports by the people of the United States and other inhabitants in the hemisphere, among others in South America, Southern Europe, Lithuania, and also in Indonesia. Many basketball competitions are held every year, such as British Basketball League (BBL) in England, National Basketball Association (NBA) in America, and Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) in Indonesia.

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