UK’s hydrogen cars to support Jakabaring’s zero emissions target 

UK’s hydrogen cars to support Jakabaring’s zero emissions target 

Antara Palembang

Two hydrogen minivans from the United Kingdom have arrived in Palembang, South Sumatra, on Thursday, providing a boost to Jakabaring Sport City Complex’s (JSC) goal of zero emissions during the 2018 Asian Games.

The minivans, granted by the UK government, can accommodate up to eight passengers. JSC management had planned to use the hydrogen cars to transport guests, in particular VVIP ones.

JSC secretary Mirza Nursalim says the delivery of three more hydrogen cars were expected soon.

"The two are among the planned five minivans. Additionally, we have also received five six-seater golf cars and a two-seater golf car from a corporate social responsibility program,” Mirza said.

JSC expects to get an additional fleet of 60 golf carts and 100 bicycles from INASGOC.

Aside from the new fleet, JSC already owns 18 four-seater golf carts.

Supported by Palembang’s first light rapid transit (LRT) and a large fleet of environmentally-friendly vehicles, Mirza is optimistic that JSC can meet its zero emissions target during the Asian Games.

South Sumatra is the first Southeast Asia city to apply zero emissions and environmental friendly measures for a major sporting event.

JSC management, however, is still looking for solutions to transport the Asiad contingents’ baggage from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport to JSC

If the existing fleet cannot accommodate the baggage, JSC management is weighing options to use cars that run on biodiesel or cars released in 2017.

AG Media Publication in cooperation with The Jakarta Post

Reporter: Dolly Rosanna