IR Iran dominates men weightlifting +105kg

IR Iran dominates men weightlifting +105kg

Jakarta, Aug. 27 (Antara) - IR Iran garnered the gold and silver medals from the men’s

weightlifting +105 kilogram class at JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, on Monday.

Iranian lifter Behdad Salimikordasiabi, who recorded the highest total weight of 461 kg, won

the gold medal, while compatriot Saeid Alihosseini took the silver medal with 456 kg.

The bronze medal went to Uzbekistani lifter Rustam Djangabaev with 455 kg.

Behdad had a 208 kg snatch and 253 kg clean and jerk. Behdad lifted 200 kg in the first

snatch attempt. He failed to lift 206 kg in the second attempt.

The failure did not discourage Behdad, who increased the barbell weight to 208 kg in the

third attempt and completed the lift successfully.

Behdad did not face any problems in the clean and jerk, where he consecutively lifted 237

kg, 246 kg and 253 kg.

Meanwhile, silver medalist Saeid Alihosseini had a total 208 kg snatch and 248 kg clean and


Saeid had the chance to outperform Behdad when he picked a 254 kg barbell in the third

clean and jerk attempt, which would increase the total weight to 462 kg, or 1 kg more than

Behdad’s total weight. Saeid, however, failed in his third attempt.

Bronze medalist Rustam Djangabaev lifted a total 203 kg snatch and 252 kg clean and jerk.

Two lifters in the competition failed in all three clean and jerk attempts and ended up with

no points. The two are Syrian lifter Man Assad, who attempted to lift a total of 225 kg, and

Chinese Taipei lifter Chen Shihchieh with a total weight target of 230 kg.

Reporter: by Triono Subagyo