Indonesian cycling team undergoes altitude training

Indonesian cycling team undergoes altitude training


To improve their endurance and strength, members of the national cycling team underwent altitude training during a training camp in Melbourne, Australia, last month.

"They have made very good progress, particularly because of the altitude training program that used a simulation room ... That has given them an edge," cycling training manager Budi Saputra said on Friday.

For the altitude training, cyclist Aiman Cahyadi and his fellow team members rode in conditions that were simulated to resemble riding at 3,500-meters above sea level with an oxygen level of 14 percent.

After the training program, Aiman's performance showed significant improvement, as evidenced by his participation in the Australian National Road Race Championships. On the first day of the championship, Budi said, Aiman sat in 8th position before pulling himself to 4th position in the last five kilometers of the second day’s race. Unfortunately, his bicycle chain broke before the finish line.

Aiman Cahyad and fellow cyclists Jamal Hibatullah, Dadi Suryadi, Robin Manullang and Adrian Hidayat have been preparing for the 2018 Asian Games road cycling event, which will be held in Subang, West Java.

Budi said the altitude training had helped increase the cyclists’ stamina. 

"This [altitude training] is intended to increase their strength and endurance. So, no matter where the venue is, this training technique is certainly very helpful," Budi said.

The national cycling team returned to Indonesia on Aug. 1 after completing training and tryouts in the Australian city.

"In essence, their performance has improved after returning from Australia. That is our edge [for the Asian Games],” said national team head coach Dadang Haris Purnomo.

Aiman and his fellow team members are currently training in Subang to prepare for the Games.

Reporter: Aditya Eko Sigit Wicaksono

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