DPR Korea takes last medal in weightlifting

DPR Korea takes last medal in weightlifting


DPR Korea’s lifter Kim Kuk-hyang took the last gold medal from the women's +75 kilogram category of the 2018 Asian Games weightlifting competition at the Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran, Jakarta, on Monday night. 

Lifter Kim Kuk-hyang lifted a total of 291 kg, with 126 kg from the snatch and 165 kg from the clean and jerk. 

Kim Kuk-hyang in the snatch lifted barbells on all attempts, namely 120 kg, 123 kg and 126 kg, whereas for the clean and jerk, she failed on the third attempt weighing 167 kg, but she succeeded in the first attempt with a total weight of 160 kg and the second attempt at 165 kg.

Silver medalist Son Young-hee, a lifter from the Republic of Korea, lifted a total 282 kg, consisting of 122 kg from the snatch and 160 kg from the clean and jerk. 

Thailand’s lifter Chaidee Duangaksom won bronze with a total lifting of 280 kg from the snatch weighing 121 kg and clean and jerk 159 kg. 

Nurul Akmal, the Indonesian lifter competing in this category, only lifted a total of 253 kg, consisting of 116 kg of snatch and 137 kg of clean and jerk, putting her in the last position among the six lifters. 

Reporter: Triono subagyo

Editing by AA Ariwibowo 
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