China excels in women's 800 meters

China excels in women's 800 meters


China added yet another gold medal, this time in the women's 800 meters in athletics at the 2018 Asian Games at the Gelora Bung Karno sports complex in Jakarta on Tuesday night.

Wang Chunyu won gold after crossing the finish line first with a time of 2:01.80. The silver medal was won by Kazakhstan’s Margarita Mukasheva with a time of 2:02.40 and bronze went to Bahrain’s Elbahrapui, who clocked in at 2:02.9.

From the start to the finish, Wang Chunyu led the pack and finished the race with no competitors on her tail. The real competition was between Kazakhstan and Bahrain.

Elbahraoui could have finished second behind Chunyu, but before the finish line the Kazakhstan managed to overtake her for the silver medal.

In the men’s 800 meter, the gold medal was won by India runner Manjit Singh with a time of 1:46.15. The silver medal was won by his compatriot Johnzon Jinason with a time of 2:46.35 while bronze was won by Qatar’s Abdella Abubakar with a time of 1:46.38.

The three runners remained within close distance throughout the 800-m track, but the two Indian runners were able to finish ahead of the Qatari.

Reporter: Hernawan Wahyudono

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